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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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this just in. iraqi officials say gunmen have stormed a mall, in a mainly shiite neighborhood in eastern baghdad. at least 10 people are dead. and the gunmen have taken hostages. officials there say the gunmen set off a car bomb at the entrance of the mall, before they moved in. 25 people were wounded in the attack. we are hearing three police officers are among the people dead. the officials estimate that there may be 50 to 75 penal who are trapped in the -- people who are trapped in the mall. at this point no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. also, right now, firefighters have rescued two window washers, 71 floors above downtown houston. and that is after their scaffolding partially collapsed. according to our partners at our sister station in houston, officials say one of the scaffolding's motors just
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become unbalanced near the 71st floor of the 75-floor building. there are no reports of any injuries. those people are very lucky they got rescued. here in denver, let's look at the skies. kind of overcast today. pretty hazy. and it looks like things will remain above freezing for the day. and maybe for most of the week. let's check in with belen who is out in the backyard. hi, bellen. >> hi. finally we have the sunshine, just kind of beating down on us. and looking at icicles kind of drop in the backyard. our temperatures today much warmer than yesterday. not a warm day, but still, 30s, low 40s. not bad in january. and let's take a look at the 24- hour temperature difference. because that really tells the tale. pretty much the eastern half of colorado is experiencing these warmer quote unquote temperatures. while in the high country, some spots are seeing temperatures about 16 degrees colder. here is where we're at right now. we already have a 42 degrees in aurora. and 41 in denver. mid-30s at d.i.a. our temperatures in northern colorado, 25 in fort collins. greeley, 24.
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and you can see here, your highs this afternoon, they are going to get to about 40 degrees here notice metro area. so we're not that far away. and 30s in northern colorado. and 29 in greeley. where this morning, we have patchy fog. and we have been getting some tweets and e-mails from some of our viewers saying why does greeley seem to be so cold? it is in a low-lying area. sot cold air kind of settles and not a lot of wind, so not room for movement. visibility, not all that great. the epa has issued an action day alert, in effect until 4:00 this afternoon. air quality, for the small sensitive group, kyle, being outside for an extended period of time could be posing some problems. we will let you know about the next chance of snow arriving in the forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. expect some delays around blake and wozzi in downtown denver today, because this afternoon, denver public works will lift a massive 230-foot
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the framework for a new pedestrian bridge. the truss will be lifted 35 feet into the air by some huge cranes and when it is all complete, the bridge will cross the railroad tracks to connect blake, between 35th and 36th streets. denver public works says the bridge is nearly as long as two soccer fields and will hope up this summer and the bridge they say should provide better and safer pedestrian access to the rtd's east rail line station at 38th and blake, set to open this year. and in aurora today, police are looking for the man who robbed an aurora subway over the weekend. on east iliff near chambers. the man who witnessed the robbery is also in trouble, because police say he chased the suspect, pulled out a gun, and fired a warning shot into the air. before shooting at the suspect's car. the witness is now facing wreckless endangerment. here in denver today, it was so cold, that when denver fire crews were battling this
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froze right there on the roads, making it very slick for drivers in the area. the firefighters though were just thankful that the water in the hydrants did not freeze. this morning. and a man and a woman had to be rescued from inside. one of them was sleeping when attic. firefighters were only in that house for a couple of minutes, when they realized everybody had to get out. >> and maybe another 10 minutes or so, there was a small collapse from the roof of the house. so it was actually a great call for us, for the safety of our firefighters. >> one firefighter had to be treated for exhaustion. the two people in that house were taken to the hospital. investigators at this point are still trying to figure out what sparked that fire so early this morning. remember this woman? we showed you her a lot last week. she stole millions of dollars worth of julie in several major heists. well, she is now behind bars. newly filed court records say
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old abigail after analyzing cell tower information, the data revealed one specific phone number showed up at or near jewelry stores in georgia, florida, and south carolina. while the stores were being robbed. the fbi matched pictures of kemp's maroon honda civic from her social media accounts to crime scenes. well, today, the music world is mourning the loss of and performers. david bowie died of cancer last night. just two days after his 69th birthday. which was celebrated by the release of his 47th album. bowie burst on to the worldwide music scene in 1969 with a balled a, and not just a string of songs, like fame, changes and young americans and an array of bowie personas
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>> he was a genius everything he did, it was brilliant. whether cinema, music, art. >> fans paid their respects at the icon's candle lit star on the hollywood walk of fame. and there is also a makeshift memorial site in the singer's london birth place. the mural that celebrates the ziggy stardust phase. today. it was his son who first confirmed the news of his death twitter. something you might not know about david bowie. his acting career got going here in denver. in 1980, he starred as john marik in a touring production of elephant man. the one week stay in denver was a sell-out. the biggest box office sell-out up to that point. and he had rave reviews and went on to a three-month run on broadway. now to the presidential race. three weeks from today is the iowa caucuses. and the first contest this primary season. ted cruz and donald trump are neck and neck in iowa.
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that cruz is actually up by just 4 points, within the margin of error. meanwhile, donald trump says he has a new warning for the clintons. he says if they continue to call him a sexist, he will keep bringing up the former president's infidelities. >> it is a threat. >> of course. i mean i can call it a nicer name, yes. she was saying he has tendencies toward being sexist. and i said wait a minute, she is married to an abuser. >> hillary clinton is dismissing trump's threats saying for republicans, it is a dead end. >> it has been fair game, going back to the republicans for some years. they can do it again if they want to. that can be their choice. as to how to run in this campaign. it didn't work before. it won't work again. >> for the moment, hillary clinton's lead over bernie points. and in new hampshire, sanders . again.
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here. we gave away a thousand magnets this morning. and we are not done yet. not by a long shot. >> where you need to go to get a magnet for your car, coming up. and also, belen will join us shortly to talk about the chance for snow here in the
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good afternoon. just out here singing in the the sunshine inclined me to do so. we are starting to see the clouds break up a stad. but not completely. check out this view over the city right now. it looks very chilly with the snow on the ground but we will see the snow melt in the next
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and that sunshine is out in the distance. we are dealing with a couple of visibility issues. the epa has issued an air quality alert in effect until 4:00. what this means, that we have particulates that will make it tough at times for the sensitive group to be outdoors. so just be careful with that. the temperatures are already at 35 degrees at d.i.a. and here in the backyard, our temperatures are at 34 degrees. and let's check the weather across the state, starting off with northern colorado, that has been very chilly part of the state this morning, and well, with the exception of course of our mountain valleys that have been sub-zero. but right now, the 25 in fort and gunnison 8 blee. and into this afternoon, we will have the highs at towards the eastern plains in the 40s. sterling, 37. and panhandle, nebraska, 30s. and laramie, a high of 23. traveling along i-25, headed south, it is a little warmer in the 40s. and 20s. so if you are going to take
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slopes today, it looks like the weather is just fine for it. and even if you're headed in the car, doing any traveling out anywhere across colorado, you are going to have some great conditions. we are not seeing any rain. we are not seeing any snow. through this evening, our skies are going to be mainly clear. we do have to watch out for some stronger winds, closer to the foot hills. i think that at most is going to help warm our temperatures a bit more overnight. and tomorrow, and it looks like it will cost the mountain wave cloud. even through tomorrow morning. we are waking up to sunshine, on your tuesday. the rest of today, it is going to look something like this. the temperatures will be the warmest, around 3:00. and then after the sun sets, notice how we will quickly drop into the 30s, with the clear skies, take us into this evening and the gusts closer to the foot hills, they could get up to 40 miles per hour tonight. so no watches or warnings. so it looks like high profile vehicles okay to travel in that area. here is what is happening with the jet stream. we tap the cold massive air over the midwest. and that is going to be
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the cool air will turn milder for wednesday. but it is going to turn a whole lot colder by the end of the week with a chance for snow. and let's match that up with a few numbers and pictures. and tuesday, 45, and wednesday, 48. and thursday, 46. and will is where we see the dip in -- there is where we see the zip in temperatures with the storm track over colorado and a chance for snow on friday. and clears for saturday. we have the broncos forecast, i will give that to you at the
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we have some breaking news coming in that we want to pass along right now. police are on the scene of a workplace shooting in louisville, kentucky. the nbc affiliate there in louisville reports that the shooting happened at cardinal kitchen, which is a custom counter top business. there are reports that two people have been shot. the gunman reportedly has gotten away. and that is why there are now helicopters scanning the streets that are near cardinal kitchens, in an industrial area, and looking for this person. as we get more information, we will pass it along. in louisville kentucky, two people were shot in a business there. and the search conditions for the gunman. -- continue force the gunman. here in denver, let us talk about something happier, shall we? broncos feve in overdrive with the first playoff game for the hometown team in weekend. and we had a magnet give-away and colleen ferrera got to give away a thousand of them. and that is part one of day one. we will be out again this
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starting at 4:00 at the king supers at north 50th avenue and east bridge street in brighton. check us out. is the place to go to get a good glimpse of where the future give-aways will be. there are going to be a lot of them this week. and they are all across the state. you are probably going to remember, the past give-aways, last year we had the united in orange sign, and the year before that, those window clings which you still see on some people's cars which is great. there are rumors out there that an apple car is in the works. the tech giant has registered, and other auto- related domains fueling speculation that it may be developing a self driving car. apple already has a car-related product called car play, which syncs your iphone with the car's built-in display. pretty soon, ride sharing will get even cheaper around here. over the weekend, uber announced it is cutting ride fares in about u.s. and canadian cities. why? uber has done this in other
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and he had say it is because in january, demand always drops. uber has not said what kind of discount you might get or which cities will get the discounts. powerball, win the jackpot, you don't have to worry about uber prices in the future, do you? the pot is just getting ridiculous. it is now $1.4 billion. which is the biggest jackpot ever. and there are new rules that do make it harder than ever to
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so did you watch the golden globes last night? if you didn't catch it, here is a recap. the big winner was revenant. it brought home three of the biggest awards of the night. best drama. best director. and best actor. for leonardo dicaprio. the best actress award for movies went to a first-time nominee. there she is. bri larson.
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the hostage drama and in the tv camera, a couple of surprises, a new usa network show mr. robot won best drama. and it beat out mega hits like game of thrones and empire. >> lady gaga, american horror story hotel. >> speaking of surprise, look at lady gaga, just shocked when she won best tv actress in a limited series. she played the countess in american horror story hotel. >> with the glitz of awards night behind us, a lot of people are dreaming of a taste of that good life. and buying up their powerball tickets today. because wednesday's jackpot has gone past $1 billion. and the drawing is still two days away. here is nbc's carrie sanders. >> we were awe-struck at $500 million. in disbelief at $900 million. and now gob-smacked. as the powerball jackpot soars to a world record $1.3 billion. a number so large, it doesn't even fit on electronic signs or billboards.
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who forks over $2 gets another shot at an unheard of payday. >> for 10 weeks now, people in 44 states have been lining up. as the jackpot keeps rolling over. >> it is huge. >> gigantic. >> how did we get here? >> seems like it is getting there, that way, all the time. in everything. >> wednesday's jackpot, began at a mere $40 million, back on november 4. 20 drawings later, with no winner, it is ballooned to more than a billion. sales this week are expected to eclipse last week's record. almost $145,000 in sales, a minute. >> if i was able to hit it, i would be able to give everybody i knew a million bucks a piece and it still wouldn't dent the amount of money i had left. >> last year the odds of winning the jackpot were better, 1 in 175 million, but powerball changed their rules last fall. the odds now, 1 in 292 million.
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the air and landing on heads 28 times in a row. how much is $1.3 billion? more money than every presidential candidate collectively spent on their campaigns last year. if you took the $806 million cash payout in dollar bills and stuffed it in 20 piles under your mattress, your bed would be more than 14,000 feet in the air. come wednesday night, there is only one certainty, most of us will wake up from our dreams of riches -- >> the winning ticket. >> and still have to go to work. >> i don't know. you know what? i will let you know when i win. [ laughter ] >> right? >> when powerball changed its rule, state gaming officials were hoping that a massive jackpot like this would be the result. more difficult to win, the higher the jackpot goes, and if you are lucky winner, on wednesday, you will have the
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or taking one lump sum of $806 million. >> wouldn't that be awesome? >> still ahead, belen will give us a peek at the forecast. leading up to the broncos game on sunday. >> and the infamous trouble making spotted donkey, llamas, and some more, at the national western stock show. right now. for the farmyard folly show. we will take you there coming
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the national western stock show got off to an mistake start over the weekend. more than 50,000 people showed up at the complex on saturday. and today, the complex is filled with kids with a fantastic show of farmyard follies. a group of loveable creatures from the great american petting zoo. goat, llamas, and sheep and done donkeys, and kids are learning fascinating facts. there is a huge turnout that is
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if you didn't go out there this weekend to see belen, you will probably be out there this weekend, too, right? >> getting our kids, our city kids closer to the animal, it is a big deal. take a look at the forecast for the next few days. with your families. and things are looking good. thursday. friday. colder temperatures. and all eyes are on sunday as the broncos take on the steelers. kickoff at 2:30. looking like a dry but partly cloudy day. >> i can't wait for sunday. >> boy i'm excited. >> have a wonderful day, everybody.
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